Hydrology around the cave

Hydrology around the cave

U Popovom polju nema stalnih vrela. Značajnija povremena vrela pripadaju grupi pećina s vodom, a njihova aktivnost je vezana za postojanje dolomitne barijere između Popovog polja i mora. U razdobljima velikih i srednjih voda nakon dužih oborina iz ovih vrela pojavljuju se znatne količine vode, a u sušnim ljetnim razdobljima dotok je relativno mali ili se voda zadržava u dostupnim sifonskim dijelovima podzemnih kaverna.

U području oko Zavale pojavljuje se nekoliko takvih vrela, koje i u najsušnijim razdobljima, u svojim pećinama iz kojih izviru, ima vode.

Najznačajnija su:

  • Pokrivenik (Mareva ljut)
  • Lukavac (ispod ulaza u Vjetrenicu)
  • Čvaušnik i Čvostik (kod Čvaljine)

Utvrđeno je da vode Lukavca imaju izravnu vezu s vodama donje Vjetrenice.

Povremeno vrelo Pokrivenik ima oblik pećine koja u sušnom razdoblju ispunjena vodom.

Vrelo Čvaušnik nije posebno istraživano.

A mystical world open to all of us

Cave Rules

  1. Please be advised to wear long trousers as well as sturdy shoes. You should neither wear flip-flops nor shoes that have a high risk of slipping.
  2. Always be located in the vicinity of your tour guide and stick to your group - do not leave them.
  3. In case you are feeling tired, please notify the tour guide immediately.
  4. Please do not leave any waste, always bear in mind that you are located in a protected eco-system of great value.
  5. Pets are not allowed to enter the cave.
  6. Please do not take requisites out of the cave!
  7. We strongly disadvise visits for children under the age of 4, persons who suffer from claustrophobia as well as those who have difficulties in physical movement.
  8. Thank you for your understanding!

Interesting facts about the Vjetrenica cave

World's #1
in biodiversity
total channel length
total tour paths
average annual temperature

What our visitors say

  • Francisco Gutiérrez

    In June 2010, I had the great fortune of visiting the Vjetrenica Cave, located in Popovo Polje. It was a magnificient experience, highly recommendable for any person keen on nature. The Vjetrenica Cave has all the ingredients to enjoy, learn and experiencing surprises. You will feel a pleasant fresh wind at the entrance, decorated with beautiful petroglifs. The visiting sector of the cave has large size galleries with a path from which you will be able to admire gorgeous speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites, columns, cascade-like, flowstones, gours) and lakes with the blind proteous. The hospitality of the guides, Jasna and Helena, make the visit very special. I am sure they will surprise you.

Enjoy the best things to see in Zavala with a plan including Vjetrenica

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