Public Enterprise Vjetrenica

Public Enterprise Vjetrenica osnovano je 20. svibnja 2005. godine radi ostvarivanja gospodarskog interesa u gospodarenju turističkim vrijednostima u državnom vlasništvu, objedinjavanju i koordiniranju poslova od zajedničkog interesa u oblasti turizma na području Općine Ravno.

Ovo Društvo posluje pod firmom: Javno poduzeće „Vjetrenica“ d.o.o. Ravno. Sjedište je u Ravnom, Trg Ruđera Boškovića bb.

Djelatnosti Društva su od javnog društvenog interesa, i to:

  • Turizam
  • Ugostiteljstvo
  • Trgovina
  • Usluge u prometu

Djelatnosti vanjskotrgovinskog prometa su:

  • Vanjska trgovina
  • Turističke i ugostiteljske usluge
  • Posredovanje i zastupanje u prometu roba i usluga
  • Zastupanje stranih osoba
  • Prodaja strane robe s konsignacijskih skladišta
  • Marketing

A mystical world open to all of us

Cave Rules

  1. Please be advised to wear long trousers as well as sturdy shoes. You should neither wear flip-flops nor shoes that have a high risk of slipping.
  2. Always be located in the vicinity of your tour guide and stick to your group - do not leave them.
  3. In case you are feeling tired, please notify the tour guide immediately.
  4. Please do not leave any waste, always bear in mind that you are located in a protected eco-system of great value.
  5. Pets are not allowed to enter the cave.
  6. Please do not take requisites out of the cave!
  7. We strongly disadvise visits for children under the age of 4, persons who suffer from claustrophobia as well as those who have difficulties in physical movement.
  8. Thank you for your understanding!

Interesting facts about the Vjetrenica cave

World's #1
in biodiversity
total channel length
total tour paths
average annual temperature

What our visitors say

  • Jan Skov

    Thank you for the very nice guidance you gave us in the cave of Wednesday. It is truly a remarkable and interesting place that deserves many visitors. My wife and I are very impressed and Nikolina was so surprised to find this beautiful place so close to where she lives. She took a lot of pictures from Popovo Polje and is going to find out all about it - she says :-)

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